AQUA UNIT is the new hydronic indoor unit to be combined with iSERIES system to provide heating and cooling solutions with underfloor heating, wall or ceiling heating, low temperature radiators or fan coils.


1)      AQUA UNIT HAS ALL IN CONTROL: it?s equipped with water temperature and waterflow  control systems able to optimize system operation and grant maximum efficiency.


2)     AQUA UNIT HAS A SIMPLE & INTUITIVE INTERFACE: The digital control panel with LCD display can be easily used by both operators (installers and after sales centres) and by end-users.


AQUA UNIT IS OPEN : it?s compatible with third party control systems, even evolved.

AQUA UNIT is FLEXIBLE: Equipped with a 2 kW electric resistance, it is suitable for integrating the available thermal capacity if outdoor conditions are particularly severe.


Here are the combinations of AQUA UNIT- iSERIES outdoor units:

AQUA UNIT size A da abbinare all?unità esterna G50

AQUA UNIT size B to be matched with the outdoor unit G65

AQUA UNIT size C to be matched with the outdoor unit G80/110

AQUA UNIT size D to be matched with the outdoor unit G140



Matching AQUA UNIT with ISERIES outdoor units, you get an AIR / WATER HEAT PUMP, FULL DC INVERTER, 100% “MADE IN ITALY” capable of heating, cooling and producing hot water: the ideal solution to meet all the requirements of a home, office or shop with a single plant.

AQUA UNIT fits perfectly into the largest iSERIES system, which therefore guarantees the use of hydronic terminals and direct expansion units in the same plant.


The introduction of AQUA UNIT into the iSERIES system further implements the modes for the production of hot water, namely:


  • connecting the eMIX TANK: a specific gas connection is provided on the outdoor unit to which an integrated unit is connected to a 200 liter or 300 liter tank;
  • connecting eMIX: a specific gas connection is provided on board the outdoor unit, but the tank is provided by third parties;
  • in standard mode, ie with raising the flow rate of the vector fluid and switching a deviating valve.


Why choose iSERIES + AQUA UNIT system?


1) iSERIES  is UNIQUE & INNOVATIVE: it?s the only system able to produce hot water at the same time as heating and cooling rooms, thanks to the special refrigerant connection.

And during cooling, water is heated free of charge, using the heat recovery technology of eMix and eMix Tank.


2) iSERIES  is EFFICIENT & QUIET: iSERIES outdoor unit is a FULL DC INVERTER outdoor unit, equipped with DC INVERTER, compressor and  fans modulating power and speed according to real needs. AQUA UNIT is provided with INVERTER circulator. Low sound levels are granted by a high degree of soundproofing and by the ability of the exclusive Argo electronics to smartly control the compressor cycle.



iSERIES  has HIGH PERFORMANCE: it reaches the energy class A ++ in heating and class A for domestic hot water production, ensuring comfort and savings energy.

iSERIES  is MATCHABLE WITH OTHER RENEWABLE ENERGIES (thermal solar  and photovoltaic)

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