Super-trap for mosquitoes and night lamp.
  • Attractive design for this super mosquito trap, also useful as a night light.
  • It uses a CCFL lamp with high efficiency, far more effective than a normal UV-A lamp in attracting
  • insects and longer-lasting, with an average life of 15.000 hours).
  • The bright area is amplified through a transparent reflective surface.
  • The special treatment outside of the lamp acts as a catalyst to produce water and CO2 when the unit
  • is working; these conditions are similar to human breath and help to attract more mosquitoes.
  • The built-in DC fan, very quiet, sucks actively in a network the mosquitoes, which die shortly by
  • dehydration and fall down in a detachable collection tray on the bottom.
  • Made of self-extinguishing ABS, for maximum safety.
  • Equipped with DC12V transformer and ON / OFF switch.
  • ECO: Only 5W consumption, no chemicals or vapors, LED harmless to humans and pets.
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