9000 BTU/h/ Energy class A ++/A +, console mono for rooms up to 25 m2

  • Console unit for single split
  • Heating operation down to very low outdoor temperatures (-22 °C)
  • thanks to the heating element int hehb ottom of the ourdoor unit
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant R32, with very low impact on global warming
  • Fan with Inverter technology: high comfort, minimum consumption, low noise
  • Clean and linear design, elegant finish, LED display
  • 7 levels of air flow; 7 fan speeds
  • Infrared remote control with backlit LED display
  • Optional wired controller
  • Programmable timer
  • Different possibilities of swinging the flap for maximum comfort
  • “I Feel” function: desired temperature where remote control is positioned
  • “Turbo” function: maximum power for maximum immediate comfort
  • “Cold draft prevention” function: forbidding cold air inlet during heating mode
  • “Intelligent defrost” function: active only when necessary, maximum comfort
  • “3 Sleep modes”: 3 possible modes for setting the night mode
  • Intelligent “Auto-restart”function: auto-restart after power failure keeping last settings
  • “Self-diagnosis” function: display shows errors for easy maintenance
  • “Auto-clean” function: self-cleaning of the internal heat exchanger to protect health
  • Cold plasma air purification system
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