eMix is the innovative indoor unit in the iSERIES range which provides domestic hot water from a thermo-dynamic source all year round regardless of the system’s operating mode.


Everyone uses hot running water in some way whether it is for a small flat or huge open-office space. Being a source of renewable energy, a heat pump is definitely one of the best available technologies on the market for generating domestic hot water.


The underlying concept of the eMix design is completely new and innovative: it is finally possible to produce domestic hot water during the cooling mode. Standard heat pumps are designed to either generate hot water or cool the surrounds, but they cannot do both at the same time. eMix breaks that boundary. With its cutting-edge technology, it has transformed eMix into the first ever heat pump that can cool the air and produce hot running water at the same time. Not only, but by using heat-recovery technology eMix can heat water at no extra cost whilst it is cooling the indoor environment.

eMix and eMix tank are two different solutions with one single aim: producing domestic hot water. What sets them apart is their structure: eMix is an on-demand solution (it still requires installation) whilst eMix tank comes with a storage tank inside a chassis. Both models operate in the same way: they convey heat-pump energy to the water. eMix tank is turnkey solution which is easy to install even where space is restricted, such as in kitchens or bathrooms. eMix tank comes in two different sizes depending on the capacity of the storage tank: 200 & 300 litres. The smaller size is perfect for a family of 3 or thereabouts; the larger would be suitable for applications which call for greater amounts of water.

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