Environmentally friendly gas 9000 BTU/h flexible matching 1 outdoor unit only for single room

  • Last DC Inverter technology
  • Digital remote control with LCD display
  • Different airflow settings
  • 5 speed fan
  • Programmable on/off timer
  • Backlight display, very discreet, to be disabled during the night
  • Maximum insulation for compressor and low noise fans grant a quiet operation of both outdoor
  • and indoor unit
  • “IFeel” function: to have the desired temperature at the desired point
  • “IClean” function: eliminates dust and perfectly dries the battery of the indoor unit
  • “Cold draft prevention” function: the air arrives in the room only when it is hot, during heating
  • “Turbo” function: in a very short time the desired temperature is reached, both in cold and in heat
  • “Deep Sleep” function: optimizes the operation of the air conditioner at night by adjusting to body
  • temperature. Automatic shutdown after 10 hours of operation
  • “Anti-fungus” function: perfectly dries the battery of the indoor unit to prevent the proliferation
  • of mold and bacteria
  • Double condensate drain option: maximum installation flexibility
  • “Self-diagnosis” function: displays errors on the unit display for maximum ease of intervention
  • Standard WiFi with dedicated app to remotely control the various functions
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