IM is the innovative renewable energy solution for heating, cooling and hot water production, ideal for residential and small commercial applications.

Why choose IM?


1) IM is UNIQUE & INNOVATIVE: iM is the only heat pump that can produce hot water at the same time as heating and cooling rooms, thanks to the special refrigerant connection.

And during cooling, water is heated free of charge, using the heat recovery technology of eMix and eMix Tank.


2) IM is EFFICIENT & QUIET: iM is FULL DC INVERTER, equipped with circulator, compressor and fans DC INVERTER, modulating power and speed in according to real needs. Low sound levels are assured by a high degree of soundproofing, by the ability of the exclusive Argo electronics to smoothly control the compressor cycle (“Smooth defrost”) and by the implementation of the ECO function.


3) IM has HIGH PERFORMANCE: thanks to the FULL DC INVERTER technology, able to optimize the operation of the compressor and fans, the iM reaches the energy class A ++ in heating and the energy class A with XL profile for the production of hot water, ensuring comfort and savings energy.


4) IM has ALL IN CONTROL: iM is equipped with water and gas temperature control systems able to optimize system operation. It is also equipped with refrigerant gas pressure control systems and plant water flow rates, which can protect the system in any working condition.


5) IM has SIMPLE & INTUITIVE INTERFACE: The digital control panel with LCD display can be easily used by both operators (installers and after sales centres) and by end-users, who can decide for convenience to place the control panel inside their homes.


IM is OPEN & FLEXIBLE SYSTEM: IM is compatible with third party control systems, even evolved, and can be integrated with additional external heating sources (gas boilers, boilers or pellet stoves, etc.). It can also be combined with solar panels used to provide hot water and heating or to generate electricity.


The range consists of 5 models corresponding to the following nominal thermal capacities

  • IM 6 – 6 kW (single phase)
  • IM 8 – 8kW (single phase)
  • IM 11 – 11 kW (single and three-phase)
  • IM 14 – 14 kW (three-phase only).


Three are the methods for producing domestic hot water:

  • Simply connect the EMIX TANK to the outdoor unit, which is fitted with a special gas connection specifically for this purpose. The EMIX TANK is available in the version with a storage tank designed to hold from 200 to 300 litres of domestic hot water, and comes with a solar heat exchanger. WITH HEAT RECOVERY;
  • Simply connect eMIX to the outdoor unit, which is fitted with a special gas connection specifically for this purpose. In this instance, the storage tank for domestic hot water can be supplied by the company (with capacity for 200 to 300 litres of water, fitted with a solar heat exchanger and suitable electric heating element) or by a third party. WITH HEAT RECOVERY;
  • In standard mode, ie by increasing the flow temperature of the heat conveying fluid and switching over using a diverter valve. In this instance, the storage tank for hot domestic water can also be supplied by the company (with capacity for 300 litres, fitted with a suitable exchanger for the heat pump, electric heating element, management kit and connections for solar heat) or by third parties.
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