Controllers: All air-conditioner operating parameters can be controlled from the remote control: operating modes (auto or cooling only, heat pump only, dehumidification only, fan only), 1h and 24h timer, setpoint temperature, room temperature reading, TiO2 and electronic filter activation (where fitted), fan speed, flap oscillation for optimum air distribution in the room and economy or night functions. Many operations can be set automatically or managed when needed, including the deactivation of the LED indicators for those that prefer complete darkness at night.


TC43 and WB43 are two system controllers able to manage iSeries air conditioning, heating and DHW services (up to 4 systems per controller) using a web interface.
WB43 is designed to be used with a web browser on PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Android phones (IExplorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox are supported); TC43 offers the same service but it?s also equipped with a 5? capacitive touch screen. For this reason it?s, actually, a stand alone controller and no other device is strictly required.
Both WB43 and TC43 are able to manage DHCP protocol, so they can be used with dynamic IP address but also with static IP address (very common in VPN).
They are connected to iSeries system with serial RS485 (4 serial ports for each controller) and to local net with Ethernet 10/100 on RJ45.
Thanks to a router on the local net and to controller?s compatibility with DynDNS protocol and Tunneling services, you can have full remote access to iSeries without using static IP.
Every device using a web browser connected to local net, via Ethernet or via WiFi, can manage iSeries through TC43 and WB43. Both controllers can give access to operational parameters of indoor units (temperature set point, ventilation, cooling/heating mode, etc?) but also to supervision, maintenance, diagnostic, users? profile services.
TC43 and WB43 are very easy to install, you just have to connect them to iSeries bus and to a 12 VDC power.

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